Company Profile

Swaroop Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.(SPPL) headquarter Aligarh in India, Swaroop Pharmaceuticals Pvt. .Ltd.(SPPL) is an emerging Indian Pharmaceutical company with proven capabilities in the area of Parental Products, Research , Manufacturing and Marketing.

The company develop and markets a wide range of quality affordable and branded formulations by name of sister concern Good luck Pharma Pvt.Ltd. for multiple market across the world.

Business :

Mix over the years SPPL has emerged as one of the growing Indian Pharmaceuticals companies, Our focus was on specialieties segments and simultaneous entering the regulated and unregulated markets in India . We are finally establishing our Brands in each market for sustained sales. SPPL has established strong capabilities in the domestic market revenues.

In over the last few year company business has improved with most of it’s revenues coming from newly developing formulations.



An organizations capabilities and objectives are strongly reflected in the product it manufactures.

The manufacturing competencies and faculties aches the ability to implement its R&D strengths .

SPPL manufacturing faculties spread across India play a critical role in enabling the company realizes its global aspiration bench marketed to International standards.

These facilities are approved by national regulatory agencies.

The company has leveraged by strong vertical integration in building a global pharmaceutical powerhouse.


SPPL has collaborated with world-class manufacturing in different countries that are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The plants have the capacity to handle a flexible product mix and ensure quick product changeovers. We have the capability to manufacture various dosage forms in the plants.


Delivering quality products is our topmost concern and our foremost responsibility our quality control team checks each batch of every product as per the established Standard Opening Procedures (SOPs) Modern analytical instruments for in-house testing ensure undiluted quality and consistency. The team members are well qualified and specially trained for the activities of the department.


Strict controls are established to ensure that there are no lapses in the entire manufacturing and quality check processes. Our quality assurance team monitors the process. The constantly update themselves on the developments in the industry and upgrade internal parameters to make sure products of highest quality are manufactured at the plants.


Our manufacturer capability includes a wide range of therapeutic products covering segments like.


SPPL Plan is committed to research as a means of developing innovative and effective medicines  Research drives the company plans to evolve into a global pharmaceuticals company. A focused effort in well-defined areas and an abiding interest in new technology features of research efforts, A dedicated team is being set up towards development of novel formulations. Our R & D center is equipped with latest laboratory equipment to and develop new technological innovations. We are Working on Pioneering In Controlled released patentable formulation besides developing the formulations as per the requirements of the market.

Apart from working on improving the quality standards of the existing products. R & D is committed towards development of new formulation and Novel Drug Delivery System; It plays a vital supportive role far other corporate functions as well such as quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

R&D activities are concerned around three main aspects of research namely:

NDDS (New Drug Delivery System) Involves taking an existing molecule and modifying the delivery release pattern for better/targeted efficacy of the product.

Formulation and Development : A team of scientist is continuously working on newer formulations to launch as required by the respective work-profile. This team has high responsibility to ensure that it meets the quality parameters while adhering to the time schedule.

We are committed to research and development with a vision to create path- breaking health-care solutions. We are proud of the innovative health care products that we bring to the market. It ensures self-reliance and stringent quality control standards resulting in host of innovative products.

If focus on drug discovery and advanced drug delivery systems research has resulted in significant progress in its Novel Drug Discovery & Development .Program and development of platform technologies that are being used to develop value-added generic pharmaceuticals company’s strong focus on creating intellectual property (IP) assets has resulted in general revenue streams through IP.  The company’s overall research prowess enables it to master cutting edge science and technology.

The importance of quality cannot be undermined in any organization. The customers are becoming increasingly demanding with respect to cost, Quality and delivery management achieving these three require imbibing the philosophy of Quality Management into the different levels of the organization. It has to become the very essence of the organization. More so in the case of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharma industry is subject to strict quality control and scrutiny. India by far has the largest number of USFDA approved plants, outside if US which exemplifies the increasing focus on quality assurance of the industry.

At SPPL we take considerable price in the quality that we ensure and assure, Our operations an guided by our Quality Policy. We believe that quality is the mainstay of competitiveness. We thus constantly create an environment of Quality and compliance in line with the global practices.

Quality assurance is defined as the process of providing confidence that requirements will be met through highest quality and there after systematic activities are put in place to ensure quality requirements for a producer of service are fulfilled.

The quality assurance (QA) cell at SPPL works as a link between research & manufacturing for quality products for customers. It targets at ensure that research & manufacturing for quality products for quality products common quality system ensuring SPPL follows a standardized common quality system ensuring consistency, effectiveness an efficiency during the manufacturing of formulations at all sites.